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As the world's most prolific and recognized name in romance and women's fiction, Harlequin is actively looking for new works for all of its imprints. We are always on the lookout for talented writers—from established authors to those just starting their writing careers. Get to know our various imprints and editorial lines to find out where you might fit into Harlequin's extensive publishing program.

We accept unagented submissions for Harlequin Series (sometimes known as "Category Romance") books. For writing and submission guidelines for each of our series, please click on the links below. You will be prompted to create a Submittable account when you begin the submission process. Please submit to only one category at a time, with only one submission at a time. We accept submissions in English only. 

We also accept unagented submissions in a wide range of genres for our digital-first single-title imprint, Carina Press. Visit carinapress.com to learn more.

For general inquiries, please email submissions@harlequin.com.  For writing tips and advice from our editorial team visit  soyouthinkyoucanwrite.com.

Submissions to the following trade imprints must go through an agent: 

Graydon House

Graydon House Books publishes commercial women’s fiction showcasing multifaceted, provocative stories in hardcover and trade paperback formats. From lighthearted humor to emotional tearjerkers and edgier drama, Graydon House novels explore modern, relevant themes and unconventional love stories.



Hanover Square Press

Hanover Square Press publishes the fascinating stories of our world that readers can’t wait to talk about. Guided by a search for engaging ideas, unique subjects and fast-paced stories, its list encompasses a broad range of genres—from crime, thrillers, and high-concept fiction to narrative history, journalism and memoir.



Inkyard Press

 Inkyard Press (formerly Harlequin TEEN) publishes books for young adult readers across a variety of genres—from contemporary and mainstream to genre fiction, including horror, fantasy, mystery, romance and thriller. 



HQN Books

As the home to many of the genre’s best-known authors and exciting up-and-comers, HQN Books is synonymous with romance. Whether historical or contemporary, sweet or sexy, HQN offers something for every reader across all romance sub-genres and all formats.



MIRA Books

MIRA Books publishes binge-worthy reads and bestsellers from rising stars and established authors. Its extensive list includes multilayered relationship and family dramas, voice-y contemporary reads, thrillers and psychological suspense, sweeping historicals, speculative novels and more. 



Park Row Books

Park Row Books is the home for literary voices and powerful, well-crafted stories with broad, mainstream appeal. From literary fiction and book club fiction to suspense and narrative nonfiction, Park Row publishes an exclusive list of voice-driven and thought-provoking books that truly move readers and ignite discussion.



To submit to one of our series romance imprints, please click on the links below.

Sexy. Passionate. Bold.

Harlequin DARE stories push the boundaries of sexual explicitness while keeping the focus on the developing romantic relationship. Come meet the sexiest men alive!

Key Elements

  • The heat level is explicit and graphic. The hero and heroine have a powerful sexual and emotional connection.
  •  We’re looking for authors who have a distinct, memorable voice and write stories with a high level of sexual tension as well as graphic sex. 
  •  We want to read the ultimate alpha hero of all of your sexual fantasies! While billionaires, CEOs and other successful, affluent men are welcome, we are also open to grittier heroes and anti-heroes.
  •  Heroines are empowered, fun and fearless women who don’t necessarily need a man in their lives—having a man is her choice…and her pleasure! Bold heroines are a key hook for this series and their independence is as important as the character traits of the alpha heroes.
  •  Stories must be contemporary. Readers should be swept away by sexual fantasy, even as the characters deal with real world obstacles and challenges in the face of their love.
  •  The setting can either be metropolitan (Paris, London, New York, L.A., Sydney, Rome) or exotic (the Amalfi Coast, Hawaii, the Caribbean). The setting alone doesn’t make the story sexy but it certainly helps!
  •  We are open to 3rd person or 1st person point of view. There should be a balance of POV between the hero and heroine.
  •  A word count of 50,000 means stories must be fast-paced and plot-driven.

We are open to many different story types, though we are not currently considering law enforcement (police, FBI, etc.), western-themed, military, sports, small-town romances, paranormal or historicals.

These are sexy contemporary romances and we're not accepting erotica or erotic romance. We are not interested in BDSM (light bondage is acceptable), ménage, age play, bestiality, incest or rape. Each manuscript will be evaluated on how the subject matter is handled.

Submissions are being accepted in all three of our editorial offices. For more information, please contact:

Kathleen Scheibling, Executive Editor, Toronto

Patience Bloom, Senior Editor, New York 

Flo Nicoll, Senior Editor, UK




Contemporary romances that sizzle with sensual tension and bring to life a world of wealth, glamour and high stakes drama. 

The stories feature strong-but-vulnerable alpha heroes and dynamic, successful heroines. Falling in love for these characters often means difficult choices and conflicts that aren’t easily resolved. 

Desire reads are powerful, passionate and provocative with intense, soap opera-like plots.

We look for Desire novels that have:

  • Intense, dramatic soap opera-like story lines 
  • Classic romance hooks mixed with juicy, unique elements
  • Sizzling sensual tension between the hero and heroine
  • High-stakes conflicts (emotional and/or external) drive the plot
  • Every story includes the sense of a bigger world—extended families, corporations, brotherhoods, best friends, partners, secret societies
  • Every story should sweep the reader into a wealthy world with details about parties, houses and clothing 
  • Stories are primarily set in North America
  • A unique author voice that sets the tone for each story
  • Sexual language that leans more euphemistic and romantic rather than explicit
  • An emotional roller coaster ride for the reader—from sizzling sensuality to surprise to laughter and tears 
  • Characters with believable, sympathetic motivations
  • A big emotional payoff 
  • No paranormal or romantic suspense elements, and no sheikhs or royalty at this time
  • 50,000 words in length 

Featured in Harlequin Desire:

A powerful and wealthy hero—an alpha male with a sense of entitlement, and sometimes arrogance. Beneath his alpha exterior, he displays vulnerability, and he is capable of being saved by the heroine. The Harlequin Desire hero often has fewer scenes from his point of view, but in many ways, he owns the story. Readers should want to fall in love with and rescue the Harlequin Desire hero themselves!

The Harlequin Desire heroine knows who she is and what she wants. She is complex and can be vulnerable herself. She is strong-willed and smart, though capable of making mistakes when it comes to matters of the heart. The heroine is equally as important as the hero, if not more so.

   Harlequin Desire stories should take place against the dramatic backdrop of wealthy settings and sweeping family saga. The hero and heroine are not isolated from outside influences, even in forced proximity stories. External factors impact the relationship. Their loyalties, goals and personal lives affect their emotions and influence the development of the romance.

Harlequin Desire is…

Revenge or Scandal or Blood and Oil or Billions or Empire for their wealthy and glamorous settings, intense story arcs that sometimes span generations and highly dramatic, larger-than-life conflicts that characters address in a believable way.

Did You Know?

  • There are 6 new Harlequin Desire books available each month
  • Follow #HarlequinDesire on Twitter to hear from Desire authors and editors
  • Interact with authors, editors and readers on the Desire Authors Facebook Page
  • Follow the Harlequin Desire editors on Twitter --  @Stacy_Boyd and @CharlieGrim

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Need recommendations? Here's a great start:

  • SEDUCE ME, COWBOY by New York Times bestselling author Maisey Yates
  • SAVANNAH’S SECRETS by Reese Ryan
  • THE BABY CLAIM by USA TODAY bestselling author Catherine Mann
  • LONE STAR LOVERS by Jessica Lemmon

While we publish secret baby and secret pregnancy stories, we're not actively seeking those hooks right now. However, if you have a sexy, dramatic book where the baby is mostly off-page and presents conflict for the couple, we're open to reviewing it. The baby elements should not feel too warm, tender or domestic, and the baby shouldn't interfere with the highly sensual romantic relationship. Please see TAMING THE TEXAN by Jules Bennett and BOMBSHELL FOR THE BOSS by Maureen Child for examples of how to include children and babies in Desire. 

Senior Editor: Stacy Boyd
Editor: Charles Griemsman

Editorial Office: NY, NY

Wholesome, fun and feel-good contemporary romances set in close-knit communities where the reader can escape to a world of love and belonging. Fall in love with small towns, friendly neighborhoods and romances that always end with happily ever after!


Heartwarming Key Elements

  • Clean, sweet, feel-good stories that readers can share with friends and family of all ages.
  • Contemporary romances with a focus on family and community. Popular themes include: small towns, coming home, becoming a family (single parents, children and secret babies), holidays (Christmas, Thanksgiving), western elements (cowboys and ranchers), traditional romance themes such as marriage of convenience and fake relationship, and pets or animals.
  • Characters are everyday men and women with traditional values facing the challenges of modern life and relationships with courage and hope. Heroes are dependable, loyal and honest, with jobs such as firefighter, sheriff, small-town cop, rancher or vet. Heroines are optimistic, empathetic and independent, with strong ties to the people and world around her. We welcome characters with a diverse range of cultural backgrounds and challenges.
  • Settings are North American small towns or close-knit communities within cities. 
  • Although the developing romance between the hero and heroine is always the focus, Heartwarming’s longer word count allows the author to show the family and friends around the central couple. Subplots featuring best friends, siblings, coworkers and neighbors are welcome and help create a community that readers will want to escape to again and again.
  • Heartwarming romances feature a low sensuality level. Hugs and kisses only. Still, lots of romantic attraction and tension is required!
  • No explicit or behind-closed-doors sex, nudity, pre-marital sex, profanity or graphic depictions of violence. 
  • No explicit religious or Christian content. No paranormal. No heavy suspense.

Harlequin Heartwarming is…

Similar in tone and feel to movies and TV shows like Sleepless in Seattle, Debbie Macomber’s Cedar Cove, The Vow.

 Read what we're publishing.


Support Your Local Sheriff by Melinda Curtis

Deal of a Lifetime by T.R. McClure

Saving the Single Dad by Cheryl Harper

Catch a Fallen Star by Amy Vastine

Through the Storm by Rula Sinara

A Dad for Charlie by Anna J. Stewart

 Did You Know?


Executive Editor: Kathleen Scheibling @KScheibling 

Editor: Kathryn Lye @Lye1892 

Editor: Adrienne Macintosh @AdrienneApple

Associate Editor: Dana Grimaldi @DanaGrimaldi

Administrative Coordinator: Deirdre McCluskey @Deirdre33

Editorial Office: Toronto, Canada


Richly textured, emotionally intense novels set across a wide range of historical periods - ancient civilizations up to and including the Second World War. 

We are committed to publishing for our diverse global readership, and are actively seeking to acquire underrepresented authors, as well as stories which explore underrepresented perspectives on popular time periods.

As with all Harlequin series, we read all submissions and you do not need to have an agent to submit. 

Harlequin Historical Key Elements

  • Strong and dynamic characters with believable, relatable conflicts, appropriate for the time in which they are set.
  • Central relationship as the driving force of the story.
  • Historical research and accuracy are essential to bring the world to life! But remember to focus on the romance.
  • All levels of sensuality are considered. From the tingling sensation you experience when a wet-shirted Mr. Darcy rises from the lake, to the explicit bedroom romps of Tudor times, whatever the level of sensuality, chemistry and sexual tension are vital. 
  • This series does not feature paranormal or timeslip elements.
  • Regency, Highlanders, Vikings, Medieval are most popular amongst our readers globally. However there’s also room for variety – we're happy to publish stories from ancient Greece all the way through to World War II, though we have ceased publication of Westerns as of January 2019.
  • Word length: 70,000 - 75,000 words

Featured in Harlequin Historical

This is where the alpha hero began! From a rake with a wicked glint in his eye to a gasp-inducing muscled warrior brandishing a dagger or a gorgeous kilted Highlander, there's a man for everyone! Heroines should emotionally challenge the hero, and inspire reader sympathy, whether they are spirited and willful, an innocent governess or a Viking shield maiden!

Harlequin Historical is…

The strength of Russell Crowe's Gladiator, the gritty drama of Vikings, the sizzling sensuality of The Tudors and Rome and the scandalous society drama of Downton Abbey!

Did You Know?

· We’re always looking for new stories. In particular, we want to see submissions from underrepresented romance authors, exciting new Medieval voices, gripping Viking romances and a fresh point of view on the traditional Regency!

· Some of our most recent acquisitions include...four stories set around a Highland castle, a heroine from the streets of London who travels to Venice with an Italian count for Carnival and a Viking who’s gifted a bride for yuletide!

· There are 6 new Harlequin Historical books available each month.

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Executive Editor: Bryony Green
Associate Editor: Nicola Caws
Editorial Assistant: Sara Jafari
Editorial Office: London, UK

You can find the Historical team on Twitter! Follow @BryonyGreenHqn, @NicolaCaws @SaraJafariHqn and check out #HarlequinHistorical. And check out what our current authors are up to on the Harlequin Historical Books Facebook Page.


N.B. Please note that as per current editorial policy we ask that you do not submit more than one manuscript at a time for our consideration. Please be patient and wait for feedback before submitting your next project.

Crime stories tailored to the series romance market packed with a variety of thrilling suspense and whodunit mystery.

Harlequin Intrigue Key Elements:

  • Crime-solving and a complex mystery are at the foundation of every Intrigue series romance novel
  • Well motivated hero and heroine must work together in a high-stakes, fast-paced framework to resolve the mystery
  • The hero and heroine must share a palpable physical and emotional attraction throughout
  • Classic romance themes integrated with and integral to a suspenseful crime drama, mystery or thriller are critical to every Harlequin Intrigue novel
  • North American settings
  • No graphic sexual details, explicit language or gratuitous violence in text
  • The mystery must be resolved and there should always be a satisfying conclusion to the romance by the novel's end
  • Word count of 55,000 words
  • Subplots should be kept to a minimum

Featured in Harlequin Intrigue

Taut, edge-of-the-seat contemporary romantic suspense tales of intrigue and desire. Kidnappings, stalkings, women in jeopardy coupled with bestselling romantic themes are all at the forefront of a Harlequin Intrigue novel. The Harlequin Intrigue hero is not afraid to break the rules in order to see justice done and to protect the innocent. The Harlequin Intrigue heroine is the no-nonsense, girl next door who may be caught up in dangerous circumstances. From stories of psychological suspense to murder mysteries and thrillers, the Harlequin Intrigue line covers a wide range of mystery-suspense novels.

Harlequin Intrigue is… 

24 for pacing—fast and dangerous and exciting. Justified for the composition of the understated yet intense hero we like to see in an Intrigue. Unknown for the kind of complex mystery/thriller plot that can lend itself to a solid crime story and romance.

Did You Know?

  • New York Times bestselling author Heather Graham has joined Harlequin Intrigue!
  • There are 6 new Harlequin Intrigue books available each month.

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Senior Editor: Denise Zaza
Editor: Allison Lyons

Editorial Office: NY, NY

Intense, uplifting and relatable romances set in the medical world. Experience the rollercoaster of emotions, ambitions and desires of today's medical professionals.


We are committed to publishing for our diverse global readership, and are actively seeking to acquire authors from underrepresented backgrounds. If you feel that’s you, and you have a story to tell that features the key elements below, then we would love to read it! 

As with all Harlequin series, we read all submissions and you do not need to have an agent to submit. 

Harlequin Medical Romance Key Elements

Contemporary romance novels set in the medical world.

  • Focus of the story must be on the development of the central romantic relationship against the backdrop of a contemporary medical setting.
  • Dynamic and dedicated medical professional heroes at the top of their game with hearts of gold and smart, professional, empathetic, modern-day heroines.
  • Heroes and heroines who work together in a medical setting – their working relationship, medical dramas etc. help to drive the romantic relationship.
  • Contemporary, international medical settings are, however, integral to the story, and the central relationship should rise out of them.
  • A range of sensuality from intensely passionate to warm and tender.
  • An emotionally intense read, ranging from the traditional to the ground breaking.
  • Innovative emotional conflicts and traditional emotional themes developed in a unique way are all welcome.
  • Word count of 50,000.


Featured in Harlequin Medical Romance

A strong focus on the central romantic relationship. Relatable heroines and heroes in a medical setting – pulse-racing medical drama that throws them together is crucial. Dedicated top-notch docs, hot-shot surgeons, fearless first responders and equally matched, warm hearted, intelligent and real heroines, who reach all levels and areas of medical life. Engaging medical settings and situations around the world from cozy GP practices and maternity to intense ER and first response, all with a strong sense of community. We find them everywhere – heart and transplant surgeries, city hospitals, pediatrics, IVF clinics, jungle or outback settings and humanitarian missions. Doctors to the stars, royalty or presidents, etc. The characters, their romance, the settings and the drama must be appealing and accessible to a global readership.

Harlequin Medical Romance is…

House, Grey's Anatomy, Private Practice, The Night Shift, The Good Karma Hospital and Doctors for their tone, medical settings and scenarios, complex characters with strong romantic themes, great dialogue and lives and hearts on the edge. However, the key difference is that the focus of each Medical Romance story is first and foremost a heart-racing romance. The novels offer a wealth of experiences: from the high-octane excitement of the ER to the warmth of family GP practice. 

Did You Know?

  • …Carol Marinelli, Sarah Morgan, Sharon Kendrick, Melanie Milburne, Amy Andrews & Marion Lennox (amongst others!) all began their published writing careers in Harlequin Medical Romance. 
  • …In Harlequin Medical we encourage a wide diversity of settings, nationalities, physicalities and boundary-pushing themes. 
  • ...Our Medical Romance writers regularly win national awards, including the RoNA Rose Award, the Romance Writers of Australia Book of the Year Award (RUBY) and the Romance Writers of New Zealand Koru Romance Book of the Year Award.
  • ...There are 6 new Harlequin Medical Romance books available each month in both print and eBook format from www.Harlequin.com.

 Senior Editor: Sheila Hodgson
Commissioning Editor: Vic Britton
Editor: Carly Byrne
Editorial Assistant: Charlotte Ellis
Editorial Office: London, UK 


N.B. Please note that as per current editorial policy we ask that you do not submit more than one manuscript at a time for our consideration. Please be patient and wait for feedback before submitting your next project.

These stories are all about passion and escape—glamorous international settings, captivating women and the seductive, tempting men who want them.

Harlequin Presents Key Elements

  • A hero who will command and seduce. There's nothing in the world his powerful authority and money can't buy… except the love of a woman strong enough to tame him!
  • A Harlequin Presents heroine isn't afraid to stand up to the hero in her own way, whether she's at home in his opulent world or not. She can be shy and innocent, feisty and daring or anywhere in between.
  • These stories are pure romantic fantasy with glitzy, glamorous, international settings to upstage even the swankiest of red-carpet premieres!
  • High sensuality and sky-rocketing sexual tension to quicken your pulse
  • Captivating internal emotional conflicts that will sustain the story over 50,000 words.
  • Tone should be contemporary but with a strong intensity, delivering an instant hit of powerful emotion
  • Give classic themes a fresh 21st century twist - tease, surprise and delight.

Featured in Presents

Harlequin Presents has classic themes, but we're looking for innovative takes. What would you say if a billionaire demanded you agree to a marriage of convenience? Does a secret baby have to mean a shot-gun wedding? Our heroes are 100% alpha but that doesn't mean they're perfect. Sheikh, Greek, Italian, English, Spanish…wherever he's from, it's certain that he turns the heads of every woman he passes! We love to see characters from a diverse range of backgrounds, cultures and experiences – it’s all part of the international flavour of our books! 

Harlequin Presents is…

  • The home of the alpha male.
  • A whirlwind of intensely emotional highs and  lows.
  • International settings from your every fantasy!

We’re actively seeking to acquire romance authors from underrepresented backgrounds – if you feel that’s you, and you’re ready to immerse yourself in the world of billionaires, glamour and sensuality, we’d love to hear from you!

Did You Know?

  • There are 8 new Harlequin Presents books available each month.
  • It has been scientifically proven that romance readers have more sex!

Fun Facts about the Presents editorial team:

Flo: as an identical twin, Flo has a major weakness for twin characters…especially if they’re gorgeous heroes! 

Sareeta: Also a published author of a romantic novel and some sexy stories, Sareeta loves nothing more than a gorgeous hero inspired by a real-life heartthrob…!

Laurie: At the age of 12, Laurie covertly pilfered her first Harlequin from her grandmother’s vast collection. She was instantly hooked and still has that original book. She’s never told her gran though, so shh!

Hannah: From the moment her Grandma handed her a VHS of Pride and Prejudice (the Colin Firth version, of course!), Hannah fell in love with love. She’s still hoping Mr Darcy might appear one day…

Read what we're publishing.

Senior Editor: Flo Nicoll
Editor: Sareeta Domingo
Associate Editor: Laurie Johnson
Editorial Assistant: Hannah Rossiter
Editorial Office: London, UK

N.B. Please note that as per current editorial policy we ask that you do not submit more than one manuscript at a time for our consideration. Please be patient and wait for feedback before submitting your next project. 



Harlequin Romance stories are all about real, relatable women and strong, deeply desirable men experiencing the intensity, anticipation and sheer rush of falling in love. Get swept away by these emotional, glamorous and uplifting romances!

Key Elements

  • A Harlequin Romance novel is all about the heroine, she is key in this series. Our heroines need to be real and relatable, and her story should make the reader wish they were in the heroine’s shoes!
  • We need a hero we can immediately trust, who is worthy of the heroine. Not all our heroes are super rich international tycoons (although some might be!) but they’re successful in their own right and should be a strong man our heroine would aspire to be with. 
  • Glamorous, international settings are encouraged and work well to add the aspirational element to our romances.
  • We welcome heroes and heroines from all backgrounds and nationalities.
  • Low sensuality: these stories are high on emotional and sensual tension but have no explicit sexual detail.
  • Captivating internal emotional conflicts that will sustain the story over 50,000 words.
  • Couple-focussed with minimal secondary characters to generate emotional depth and intensity.
  • Delivers contemporary, fresh takes on classic romance themes.
  • This is the home of feel-good, entertaining and fresh paced romance.
  • Just because these romances are sweet, it doesn’t mean they can’t be edge-of-the-seat exciting! Throw your reader straight into the story!

Featured in Harlequin Romance

Some of our most popular storylines include: Cinderella (rags-to-riches), convenient marriages, runaway brides, weddings, pregnancy, secret babies, billionaires & millionaires, royalty, aristocracy, working together, falling for the boss, couples reunited, friends to lovers, amnesia, single dads, seasonal (e.g. Christmas and summer). Harlequin Romance no longer features small town and Western settings or cowboy and military heroes.

Harlequin Romance is…

One Fine Day for its warmth and tear jerking properties, The Notebook for its emotional depth, The Vow for its emotional conflicts, Dear John for its focus on the central relationship, Life as We Know It, The Proposal and The Back-Up Plan for their fresh storylines.

Did You Know?

  • Harlequin Romance was the very first Harlequin series
  • There are four new Harlequin Romance books available each month.
  • We are actively seeking to acquire authors from underrepresented backgrounds and nationalities to reflect our diverse global readership. If you feel that’s you, and you have a story to tell that features the key elements above, then we would love to read it! 

The Editorial Team

Senior Editor: Sheila Hodgson
Editor: Carly Byrne                                                                                                                                                                                   Commissioning Editor: Victoria Britton
Editorial Assistant: Charlotte Ellis
Editorial Office: London, UK

Follow us on Twitter! @SheilaHodgsonMR @CarlyMByrne @EditorBritton @cellisharlequin

N.B. Please note that as per current editorial policy we ask that you do not submit more than one manuscript at a time for our consideration. Please be patient and wait for feedback before submitting your next project.

As with all Harlequin series, we read all submissions and you do not need to have an agent to submit.

These novels are romance-focused stories with a suspense element. Powerful romances are at the heart of each story, and the additional elements of excitement, adventure and suspense play out between complex characters.

Harlequin Romantic Suspense Key Elements

  • Harlequin Romantic Suspense novels are fueled by the romance and not the suspense.
  • Big, sweeping romances amid dangerous and suspenseful settings.
  • Word count of 70,000 means a wider breadth of story and potential for subplots that speak to the conflicts.
  • Strong, compelling romance drives the stories but is matched by dramatic and layered plots.
  • Classic themes include revenge, women in jeopardy, espionage, family, Westerns, military and law enforcement.
  • Vivid conflicts, and stories can be set throughout the world.
  • A range of sensuality from high to low, as well as romantic and sexual tension.
  • Emotional payoff fits with the larger-than-life stories.
  • No paranormal elements.

Featured in Harlequin Romantic Suspense

Relatable heroines in extraordinary circumstances—swept into the arms of powerful heroes. Harlequin Romantic Suspense concentrates on the developing love story not the suspense. The hero should be a force to contend with, and the heroines are equally complex, strong and smart.

Harlequin Romantic Suspense is…

Criminal Minds or Scandal or Quantico for their solid levels of story, three-dimensional characters and varying levels of suspense with strong romantic themes, witty dialogue and lives and hearts on the line.

Did You Know?

Read what we're publishing.

Senior Editor: Patience Bloom

Assistant Editor: Carly Silver

Editorial Assistant: Megan Broderick

Editorial Office: NY, NY

Harlequin Special Edition features relatable characters who strike a chord with the reader regardless of the book's setting or plot points.

These are compelling, contemporary romance novels—with happy endings!

Harlequin Special Edition Key Elements:

  • Focus on the romance! However, secondary characters and subplots are welcome if they further the romantic relationship in a meaningful way.
  • Hero and heroine must both be proactive, dynamic, and good at heart—even if they are resistant to love at first!
  • Wide variety of themes welcome: families, babies, brides, cowboys, Westerns, reunion romances, and more!
  • Fresh twists on classic plot elements
  • Range of sensuality, from subtle to sizzling
  • Emotional depth of both story and character is paramount
  • Strong internal and external conflicts
  • Word count of 55,000-60,000

For explanations and tips about conflict, dialogue and emotion please click on How to Write the Perfect Romance

Harlequin Special Edition is…

Think movies such as DAN IN REAL LIFE, FRIENDS WITH BENEFITS, and LOVE AND OTHER DRUGS, and TV shows such as HART OF DIXIE, PARENTHOOD, MODERN FAMILY, and UP ALL NIGHT—stories that feature intriguing and complex characters with meaningful, relatable conflicts, engaging dialogue, and (very important) happy endings!

Did You Know?

  • Harlequin Special Edition is home to a number of bestselling miniseries, including BRAVO FAMILY TIES, THE COWBOYS OF COLD CREEK, MEN OF MERCY MEDICAL, THE FORTUNES OF TEXAS, and MONTANA MAVERICKS!
  • New York Times bestselling authors such as Diana Palmer, Susan Mallery, and Linda Lael Miller have written for Harlequin Special Edition, and some still do!
  • Harlequin Special Edition is always looking for the stars of tomorrow and will publish three new authors in 2012!
  • You can follow us on Twitter @Susan_Litman.
  • There are 6 new Harlequin Special Edition books available each month.

Read what we're publishing.

Senior Editor: Gail Chasan
Editor: Susan Litman
Editorial Assistant: Carly Silver
Editorial Office: NY, NY

Contemporary inspirational romances that feature Christian characters facing the many challenges of life and love in today's world.

Love Inspired Key Elements

Contemporary inspirational romance novel

  • Strong contemporary romances with a Christian worldview and wholesome values.
  • Relationships that emphasize emotional intimacy rather than sexual desire.
  • Each story should focus on an emotional and satisfying romance, with a sustained conflict.
  • Mandatory faith element that is integral to story and shows rather than tells, avoiding didactic, preachy tone or doctrinal language.
  • Family and community are strong features of this line
  • Stories can be set in small town USA or close knit communities in urban settings.
  • Hero and heroine should meet early in book, preferably by end of chapter one.
  • No drugs or alcohol consumption, gambling, or profanity by Christian characters.
  • No graphic violence or pre-marital sex within the course of the story.
  • Word count of 55,000 to 60,000 words

Featured in Love Inspired

Relatable heroines in everyday life finding love in the arms of a strong, honorable man. Love Inspired heroes should be strong and smart, with a core of tenderness, and the heroines should be their equals.

Love Inspired is…

Touched by an Angel or Seventh Heaven or Gilmore Girls or Hallmark movies, for their solid stories and characters, sense of family and community, with tender romance and a level of faith at its core.

Did You Know?

  • So far, in 2014, Love Inspired editors have bought 3 new authors!
  • Western settings and cowboy/rancher heroes continue to be very popular with our readers.
  • Amish romances are still very appealing to Love Inspired readers. We are seeking new authors and stories set in Amish communities across the US.
  • There are 6 new Love Inspired books available each month.

Read what we're publishing.

Senior Editor: Melissa Endlich
Editor: Shana Asaro
Assistant Editor: Dina Davis
Editorial Office: NY, NY

Edge-of-the-seat, contemporary romantic suspense tales of intrigue and romance featuring Christian characters facing challenges to their faith…and to their lives.

Love Inspired Suspense Key Elements

Contemporary inspirational romantic suspense novel

  • Riveting romantic suspense stories with a Christian worldview and wholesome values
  • Stories focused equally on gripping suspense and strong compelling romance
  • Heroes and heroines who work together to solve the mystery or overcome the shared danger
  • Relationships that emphasize emotional intimacy rather than sexual desire
  • Stories can be set in small town North America or close knit communities in urban settings
  • Mandatory faith element that is integral to story and shows rather than tells, avoiding didactic, preachy tone or doctrinal language
  • Hero and heroine should meet early in book, preferably by end of chapter one. And the suspense element should be introduced in chapter one
  • No drug or alcohol consumption, gambling, profanity or pre-marital sex by Christian characters within the course of the story. No graphic violence
  • Stories should contain both hero and heroine Point of View only. No secondary character POV
  • Word count of 55,000 to 60,000 words

For explanations and tips about conflict, dialogue and emotion please click on: Frequently Asked Editorial Questions.

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