For a limited time, we are looking for powerful, engaging stories of romance, adventure and faith set in times past, with rich historical details and complex stories.

Inspirational historical romance novel key elements:

  • Compelling, uplifting stories with a Christian worldview and wholesome values
  • Richly textured stories that illustrate the time period, bring the world to life
  • Each story should focus on an emotional, satisfying romance
  • Relationships that emphasize emotional intimacy rather than sexual desire
  • Mandatory faith element that is integral to story and shows rather than tells, avoiding didactic, preachy tone or doctrinal language 
  • Family and community are strong features of this line
  • Hero and heroine should meet early in book, preferably by end of chapter one
  • No drug or alcohol consumption, gambling, profanity or pre-marital sex by Christian characters within the course of the story. No graphic violence.
  • Stories should contain both hero and heroine Point of View. No secondary character Points of View, please.
  • Word count of 70,000 words

Wholesome, heartwarming historical romances between relatable, spirited women and strong, honorable men. The conflict between the hero and heroine should be an emotional one, arising naturally from the story. Inspirational Historical Romances are… Christy or Dr. Quinn, Medicine Woman or Little House on the Prairie or Hallmark movies based on Janette Oke's "Loves Comes Softly" series, for their solid stories and characters, sense of family and community, with tender romance and a level of faith at its core. 

Popular Hooks:

· Westerns

· Cowboys/ranchers

· Mail order brides 

· Babies/children

· Marriages of Convenience

Possible settings: 

· Oregon Trail

· Prairie

· Frontier

· Americana

· Regency

· Amish

Executive Editor: Tina James 

Senior Editor: Melissa Endlich

Editor: Emily Rodmell 

Editor: Shana Asaro

Associate Editor: Dina Davis 

Editorial Office: NY, NY 

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