If you love small towns and cowboys, you'll love Harlequin Western Romance. We publish contemporary stories of everyday women finding love, becoming part of a family or community, or maybe starting a family of her own—all within an American western setting.

Western Romance Key Elements

  • Central romance is driven by the hero's or heroine's (or both) desire to be a part of a family or community
  • Stories are set in western locales, including ranches and small towns, or in places that showcase a western sensibility
  • Hero and/or heroine must have a western profession (cowboy, rancher, rodeo rider) or live in a western setting (i.e., Texas Ranger, sheriff of a small Colorado town)
  • All stories must feature strong family elements such as pregnancy, young children, blended families, etc. We love stories about babies—particularly multiples!
  • Warmhearted stories offer a range of tones, from light humor to drama
  • Stories are contemporary – no historicals, please!
  • Level of sensuality is low to moderate
  • Word count of 55,000 means stories must be fast-paced and plot-driven

Featured in Western Romance

Relatable characters searching for love and the security of family in a western locale. Heroes are rugged and strong; heroines intelligent and complex.

Western Romance is…

The city vs. country storyline and bull rider hero of The Longest Ride. The TV show Heartland for its extended family drama and ranch setting. 

Did You Know?

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Editor: Adrienne Macintosh 
Associate Editor: Megan Long
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