Wholesome contemporary romances that celebrate traditional values, strong communities, family connections and true love.

Heartwarming Key Elements

  • Clean, emotional, satisfying romances that readers can feel comfortable sharing with their friends and family of all ages.
  • Romance, family and community are strong features of these stories.
  • Characters demonstrate traditional values, but exhibit flaws and overcome hurdles similar to those in other contemporary series romances. We welcome characters and themes with a diverse range of cultural backgrounds and challenges
  • Conflict between the main characters should be an emotional one, arising naturally from the story
  • Plots unfold in a wholesome style and voice that excludes explicit sex or nudity, pre-marital sex, profanity, or graphic depictions of violence: references to violent incidents or pre-marital sex in the past are acceptable if they contribute to character development
  • Physical interactions (i.e. kissing/hugging) should emphasize emotional tenderness rather than sexual desire or sensuality: low level of sexual tension; characters should not make love unless they are married
  • No paranormal
  • No explicit religious or Christian content
  • Word count of 70,000 to 75,000 allows for breadth and complexity of story, and development of compelling sub-plots.


Harlequin Heartwarming is…

Similar in tone and feel to movies and TV shows like Sleepless in Seattle, Parenthood and Enough Said.

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 The Promise of Rain by Rula Sinara

Return to Pelican Inn by Dana Mentink

Soldier's Rescue by Betina Krahn

Deal of a Lifetime by T. R. McClure

The Better Man by Amy Vastine

Did You Know?

  • Harlequin is one of the first publishers to recognize the growing clean romance market, publishing four original Heartwarming books each month.
  • The editors are looking for both new authors and veteran writers.
  • Heartwarming books are available digitally and in mass market paperback through Harlequin.com and membership in our book club.

Find More Information At…

Senior Editor’s guest blog on Romance University for tips on writing clean romance: http://romanceuniversity.org/2013/10/11/fifty-shades-of-sweet-with-heartwarming-editor-victoria-curran/ 

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Editorial Office: Toronto, Canada

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