Harlequin Special Edition features relatable characters who strike a chord with the reader regardless of the book's setting or plot points.

These are compelling, contemporary romance novels—with happy endings!

Harlequin Special Edition Key Elements:

  • Focus on the romance! However, secondary characters and subplots are welcome if they further the romantic relationship in a meaningful way.
  • Hero and heroine must both be proactive, dynamic, and good at heart—even if they are resistant to love at first!
  • Wide variety of themes welcome: families, babies, brides, cowboys, Westerns, reunion romances, and more!
  • Fresh twists on classic plot elements
  • Range of sensuality, from subtle to sizzling
  • Emotional depth of both story and character is paramount
  • Strong internal and external conflicts
  • Word count of 60,000

For explanations and tips about conflict, dialogue and emotion please click on How to Write the Perfect Romance

Harlequin Special Edition is…

Think movies such as DAN IN REAL LIFE, FRIENDS WITH BENEFITS, and LOVE AND OTHER DRUGS, and TV shows such as HART OF DIXIE, PARENTHOOD, MODERN FAMILY, and UP ALL NIGHT—stories that feature intriguing and complex characters with meaningful, relatable conflicts, engaging dialogue, and (very important) happy endings!

Did You Know?

  • Harlequin Special Edition is home to a number of bestselling miniseries, including BRAVO FAMILY TIES, THE COWBOYS OF COLD CREEK, MEN OF MERCY MEDICAL, THE FORTUNES OF TEXAS, and MONTANA MAVERICKS!
  • New York Times bestselling authors such as Diana Palmer, Susan Mallery, and Linda Lael Miller have written for Harlequin Special Edition, and some still do!
  • Harlequin Special Edition is always looking for the stars of tomorrow and will publish three new authors in 2012!
  • You can follow us on Twitter @Susan_Litman.
  • There are 6 new Harlequin Special Edition books available each month.

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